Better than Japan: Ontario Health Care

Better than Japan: Ontario Health Care

According to recent data from The Conference Board of Canada, Ontario and British Columbia have emerged as the two provinces with the best health performances in Canada. To measure health performance, the Canadian provinces and territories were assessed based on 10 indicators: life expectancy, premature mortality, infant mortality, self-reported health status, mortality due to cancer, mortality due to heart disease and stroke, mortality due to respiratory disease, mortality due to diabetes, mortality due to diseases of the nervous system, and suicides. In addition, the report also sheds light on mental health, a key factor with growing recognition in the medical world.

Based on data from the report, there are some really positive things to deduce with regards to Ontario. For one thing, it received an A on life expectancy, meaning it would be a wise option for a place where you would want to start your life; your long, long life. Ontario’s life expectancy is the second highest in Canada, behind B.C.  In addition, it has the lowest suicide rate in the country, and understandably so. If you live in a city like Toronto for example, why would you want to quit your life? More importantly, on self-reported health, Ontario was one of the five regions in Canada to receive an “A+” grade. This strongly points to the fact that the residents of Ontario not only are healthy but also strongly feel healthy and positive about themselves and their lifestyles.

But where do Ontario and B.C. rank against the top destinations worldwide with regards to health? According to the report, Ontario does better than the top-performing peer country on self-reported health status. All in all, Ontario performs strongly against the top-ranked peer country on each indicator.

Finally, the list below shows the performance of Ontario and B.C. in comparison with the biggest countries in the world in terms of Health. Ontario comes 7th, ahead of giants like Japan and the Netherlands, while B.C. comes in at third, ahead of Australia and Norway.

So if you are still curious about which part of the world to start your life in, we got you all covered. Hint: It starts with “Ont.” (Or “B.C.”)