9 Reasons To live In Vaughan

What good is a city if you can barely see the sky?  Vaughan provides all the amenities of a large city, but with a natural and green facelift ensuring that you won’t ever again feel like the sun is only shining from the hours of 12pm-1pm.  Having a strong financial and entrepreneurial presence, Vaughan is one of the most new-age, up and coming, and diverse cities of our generation. Checkout our Vaughan Real Estate Listings

Let’s go GREEN!

Vaughan is committed to keeping the city GREEN!  With an imposing 740 hectares of parks and acres of land, you can forget all previous worries about being surrounded solely by asphalt and cement.

Where do you need to go?

Providing over 4 different forms of public transportation, Vaughan has one of the cheapest and largest public transportation networks including a brand new Subway!  When visiting, feel free to utilize any of these public transportation systems: the York Region Transit, the Toronto Transit Commission System, VIVA rapid transit or GO Transit. Lastly, don’t forget to use Vaughan’s Real Estate Listings, new optimized subway lines to get to and from work!

Feel Safe And Healthy


If health is important to you than Vaughan will be your perfect home. As a myriad of health related services.  From walk-in clinics to brand new hospitals, provides the best in health services without Toronto's busy atmosphere.



Similar to other parts of Toronto, Vaughan is a city for people of all heritages.  You can see the diversity in the people and taste the diversity through our many cultural eateries.  There is something here for everyone!

Worried about being bored?


Don’t be!  Vaughan offers a wide array of entertainment ranging from the cultural exploration possible in our museums to the thrill seeking screams coming from our roller coasters!  No matter the age, the city’s entertainment caters to all.

Is it safe?


The people of Vaughan work together to maintain a safe, and pleasant way of life.  On top of this, the York region is actually known as one of the safest regions in Canada!

It’s about the quality


Vaughan is the city of potential.  Whether the concern is education or housing, Vaughan continuously provides above the line standards that would make even the most-weary travelers feel at home.  From impeccable public transport to the most beautiful parks and florals

Entrepreneurs welcome!


With over 9,000 existing enterprises, Vaughan serves as a favorable loacale for all budding entrepreneurs.  The business community is growing at an astounding pace and there is room for more!  If you have any aspirations for opening a business, Vaughan serves as your perfect primary venture location.  

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Giving back

The community is extremely philanthropic, playing heavily into fundraisers and non-profit aide.  It is important for everyone in the community of Vaughan to work together to help solve the world’s problems, making Vaughan an extremely proactive and involved community globally.